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The Club Residence Art View House has become a winner of a prestigious residential property award Urban Awards for the second time.
01 June 2018
27 May 2018
For 315 anniversry of St.Petersburg we have decorated walls of the apartments of Art View House with wonderful photos underlined by poetry of Nabokov, Akhmatova, Brodsky, Vysotsky, Annensky, Severyanin, Blok and other outstanding poets who have been fascinated by beauty of surrounding places.
10 April 2018
New stylish sales office has been opened by the developer of Luxury Club Residence Art View House. A famous architectural studio "MK Interio" has worked out the design of the office.
30 March 2018
Christopher has held several working meetings on design of common areas and entrance halls of the luxury residential development and also met editors and journalists of the leading Russian architectural publishers.
20 February 2018
Works on construction of building frame are completed.
15 February 2018
Owners of the apartments get free interior design from Galerie 46
09 January 2018
Buyers of apartments in Luxury Club Residence Art View House can use mortgage programs of Sberbank.
22 December 2017
Okhta Group initiated setting up of Teatralnaya Lane on the Kryukov Canal Emb.
12 November 2017
The highest rate of parking places index among residential projects at Club Residence Art View House. All residential property projects planned to be commissioned in St. Petersburg in the next three years have been reviewed.
25 October 2017
Thanks to effective cooperation of Okhta Group with Gazprombank the mortgage on apartments in Art View House became even more attractive.
28 September 2017
At a ceremony in Marble Palace of the Russian Museum the editor-in-chief of the leading business publication "Delovoy Peterburg" Maxim Vasyukov has awarded the diploma to the Project Manager of Club Residence Art View House – Denis Kazberov.
04 September 2017
The Club Residence Art View House has presented the interior decoration of halls created by well-known London design studio Project Orange.
30 August 2017
It is 5-minute walk from your future residence - Art View House to the park and modern art and cultural environment of New Holland Island. This new place offers its visitors a variety of things to do: walk and play with children during week-ends, skate in winter, listen to jazz on Wednesdays, attend a lecture or dine at the restaurant.
30 June 2017
The luxury residential development Art View House became the winner of the prestigious professional competition “Urban Awards” which is a milestone event for the real estate market in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The prize of Urban Awards is an example of recognition of the Art View House team achievements. It acknowledges advanced approach to creation of new high end residential property concept and observance of upscale standards in project implementation. Close attention to details and use of the latest technologies both in construction and in promotion - everything is focused on convenience and comfort of future residents of Art View House.
08 June 2017
05 April 2017
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