12 November 2017
The parking in Art View House is the leader in car parking places availability among new high-end projects in St. Petersburg
The highest rate of parking places index among residential projects at Club Residence Art View House. All residential property projects planned to be commissioned in St. Petersburg in the next three years have been reviewed.
There are 46 parking car places and three bike places in a two-level underground parking for 24 apartments. Denis Kazberov - Project Manager- has noted that there is a demand for purchasing neighboring apartments with purpose to combine. Thus, during implementation of the project the parking places index in Art View House has already grown from 1.92 to 2 parking places per one apartment. Another important issue - dimensions of parking places. The size of one parking space is 5300 x 2500 cm. However some projects can’t boast parking places for large-size exclusive cars. For example, the first level of parking in Club Residence Art View House is adapted for Rolls-Royce, considering their non-standard sizes. Thus length and width of Rolls-Royce Phantom is 6084 and 1990 cm respectively. We have taken into account the recommendations of the official dealer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars St. Petersburg taking into consideration the sizes and turn radius for comfortable driving and parking. The cost of construction of underground parking depends on many factors and is on average 30-40% more expensive, than construction of the ground equipped platforms for the parking. It is not enough to build one underground level therefore it is wise to build the second level. Additional obstacles arise if the construction is placed near the water. As in a case with the Club Residence Art View House which is built at the junction of the Moika River and the Kryukov Canal. Builders couldn't just dig out a ditch for foundation. It was necessary to prevent slipping of soil and to exclude danger for the neighboring houses. Therefore the “cast-in-place trench wall” technology was used – on perimeter of the entire construction site a reinforced concrete wall 1 meter wide and 22 meters depth - comparable to height of the house- was built.