15 February 2018
Apartments Interior Design from Galerie 46
Owners of the apartments get free interior design from Galerie 46
Okhta Group, the developer of luxury residential development Art View House, has started cooperation with one of the leading architectural studios in St. Petersburg – Galerie 46.
Owners of the apartments near the Maryinsky Theatre, at the crossing of the Moika River Embankment and the Kryukov Canal will be able to get not only space planning solutions considering demands of a specific family, but also an individual design concept.
Designers will choose most suitable finishing materials, furniture, lamps, stylish decorations and provide 1-2 options of 3D images depending on the area of the apartment.
Artem Parshikov , the head of Architectural studio Galerie 46 has emphasized : "When developing design projects for Art View House we will consider home decoration from world famous brands: furniture, lights, tableware and textiles from Ralph Lauren Home, Boffi, Minotti, Rimadesio and others, These factories combine innovative technologies with handwork skills, elegant execution and eco-friendly ".
At the request of the potential client designers will develop special “Mood Board”. "In other words, it is a collage from the photos, pictures, symbols explaining the general concept of the project, – Artem Parshikov explained. – This "tool" leads to better understanding of future interior design".
According to the project manager of Art View House Denis Kazberov, the service in development of design projects is in demand for buyers of the high end real estate segment. Professional designers are capable of revealing all advantages of living space to the fullest extent. "Several apartments which are planned to be united have been already purchased. Therefore it is important for our clients to see well-thought-out design layouts for perfect use of the apartment space", – Denis Kazberov has added.
It is possible to continue interior design concept development and implementation by signing a contract with Galerie 46.
Residents of the apartments will get individual design solution, turnkey fit out with furniture and household appliances.