10 April 2018
A new sales office of Luxury Club Residence has been opened.
New stylish sales office has been opened by the developer of Luxury Club Residence Art View House. A famous architectural studio "MK Interio" has worked out the design of the office.
The office area is 70 sq.m., it is located near the construction site, on 104 Moika River Embankment – in the building known as the House of an archaeologist and historian A.I. Musin-Pushkin. His well-known collection of the Russian antiquities was placed in this house and members of the national history club held meetings at this manor.
This premise has been acquired by Okhta Group. "We intentionally decided not to allocate the sales office in the temporary premise on the construction site as other developers do. Art View House is a unique project which attracts demanding clients. It was important for us to create maximum comfort for clients already at the stage of preparation for deal negotiations", – Anna Romanova , Sales Director of Art View House emphasizes.
Furniture and accessories for the sales office were manufactured in Italy by the individual order of Okhta Group. Sales Office is divided into two parts – client and working areas. The clients’ part comprise negotiations area, a model of the Residence, samples of finishing materials. The other part is managers working place. The sales office is also equipped with the kitchen.
It is possible to lead negotiations as well as hold receptions for clients and working meetings in this place.
For all clients who value their time there is a possibility of advanced appointment. "We always adapt to our clients with tough working schedule and are always ready to organize a meeting in the evening after a working day or during weekends", – Anna Romanova notes.
Art View House sales started in 2017,
Fit out of the sales office was completed also in 2017, furniture and accessories were customized in Italy. "Since the beginning of 2018 the number of meetings, property tours and transactions has increased therefore the sales office was opened just in time. En-situ concrete works have been finished, the house is topped out, and the majority of sales transactions of high end residential property happens at final stages of construction when the buyer can see the object of purchase, estimate speed and quality of construction", – she summarizes.