09 January 2018
Art View House is accredited by Sberbank
Buyers of apartments in Luxury Club Residence Art View House can use mortgage programs of Sberbank.
The standard credit rate will be only 10% per annum, and initial payment – from 15%. The maximum term of mortgage loan is 30 years.
For the clients who are getting paid into the Sberbank account additional decrease in rates is provided.
Earlier Art View House Luxury Club Residence has obtained accreditation on a mortgage from VTB Bank, Gazprombank and SMP Bank.
"Mortgage rates continue to decrease that leads to increase in total number of transactions with use of a mortgage. In the past 5 years the number of such transactions in high end residential housing market in St.Petersburg has reached 20% , – Mikhail Rivlin, the vice chairman of the board of Okhta Group, the developer of the Art View House noted. As well as the tendency to their further growth proceeds. The mortgage loan with a rate of 7.4 -10 % is more favorable to many wealthy people, than to take out money from the operating business. At the same time such borrowers are the most reliable" – Mihail Rivlin has added.
General license of the Bank of Russia for banking operations - 1481.
The official site of the Bank –