22 December 2017
Teatralnaya Lane by the Club Residence Art View House will immortalize names of outstanding artists
Okhta Group initiated setting up of Teatralnaya Lane on the Kryukov Canal Emb.
Teatralnaya Lane will immortalize names of the great composers, actors, stage directors and artists who have glorified St. Petersburg as the world capital of culture. The proposal has been sent to Georgy Poltavchenko the Governor of Saint Petersburg as well as to executive authorities – Culture Committee, City Planning and Architecture Committee, Investments Committee. Teatralnaya Lane is planned to be organized on the Kryukov Canal Embankment by the new building of the Maryinsky Theatre, and further – before crossing with the Moika River where the club Residence Art View House is being built (the Moika River Embankment, 102). It is here where the symbols with names of outstanding artistic names of St. Petersburg theatre – composers, actors, stage directors and others will be placed. Total length of the first section of Teatralnaya Lane will be more than 350 meters. It is supposed that the visual concept and sketches of future symbol will be chosen at a city competition. Citizens of St.Petersburg should define persons whose merits and achievements will be commemorated in special symbols. "Next year our city will become one of the world’s centers of football which will be visited by tens of thousands of fans within the Football World Cup 2018. However besides a sports component, St. Petersburg can offer our cultural heritage to all visitors. The world’s largest and famous theatres are located here. Many great composers, ballet and opera stars, actors, theatre directors are closely connected with our city. Creation of Teatralnaya Lane not only will help to promote St. Petersburg as an international center of culture and art, but also will fill a certain lack in tourist coverage of the downtown", – Mihail Rivlin the vice chairman of the board of the Okhta Group company, developer of the club house Art View House is sure Alongside the city authorities consider the idea of creation of new pedestrian zones in the center of St. Petersburg. Recently the concept of improvement of pedestrian zones on the embankment of the Admiralteysky Canal, in the direction of New Holland Island has been discussed at a meeting with the vice governor Igor Albin. Placement of Teatralnaya Lane, according to the developer, organically falls within these plans. Vladimir Putin the President of Russia approved the idea of holding the Theatre Olympic Games in St. Petersburg in 2019 at the St. Petersburg International Cultural forum which took place in November. "Our country already had an honor to host this unique event in Moscow in 2001. Also everything was made in order that it became an unprecedented event in terms of scale and significance. About five thousand actors from 40 countries took part in this event, and the number of the viewers exceeded one million people. I don't doubt that new display of outstanding achievements of theatrical personalities of the world will succeed. Moreover St.Petersburg as one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and the world, as well as the cultural capital of Russia – will become the venue for this event”. On the eve of such a large-scale event, a place should appear in St. Petersburg that, on the one hand will distinguish the merits of people who have made a significant contribution to the creation of our city's image as a cultural capital; on the other will remind contemporaries and future generations of citizens about its noble status, - summarizes Mikhail Rivlin. According to the developer's plan, Teatralnaya Lane will be opened at the stage of landscaping at the Art View House Club Residence.